Articles covering MQI in Vietnam

Asian WIsconzine, March 2008, by Norm Stockwell

Capital City Hues, March 2008, by Norm Stockwell

The Sound of the Violin in My Lai - Wikipedia, Mike Boehm, My Lai Peace Park Project ... of the My Lai massacre, an incident of the Vietnam War in which hundreds of Vietnamese civilians were .. - Cached My Lai marks 40th massacre anniversary - Mar 14, 2008 ... MY LAI, Vietnam — To the villagers who survived the My Lai massacre and ... The massacre reminds Lawrence Colburn and war veteran Mike Boehm of the 2005 ... Boehm runs various humanitarian programs in Quang Ngai ... - Cached

Tiếng vĩ cầm ở Mỹ Lai – Wikipedia tiếng Việt
Tiếng vĩ cầm ở Mỹ Lai là bộ phim tài liệu Việt Nam được làm năm 1998 với tác giả ... tổng thống Bill Clinton đã lên tiếng xin lỗi nhân dân Việt Nam về vụ thảm sát này. ... Phỏng vấn cựu binh Mỹ Roy Mike Boehm, người chơi vĩ cầm trong phim ... - Cached

For Veteran's Day, We Go Back to Vietnam to Remember My Lai ...
Nov 11, 2002 ... The documentary also features Mike Boehm, a Vietnam veteran who went back to My Lai in 1992. Boehm was not involved in the My Lai ... - Cached

The Madison Times - Vietnam veteran gives his all, Mar 10, 2010 ... "Vietnam is a hard sell," says Vietnam veteran Mike Boehm as he describes the work he has been doing in that country for the last 18 years.

Hoa Binh Vietnam, Chapter 160 - The Vietnam Chapter of the ...
October 4, 2011,  Mike Boehm, a Vietnam veteran from Wisconsin, said though he didn't see any combat during his tour in Vietnam, his life was changed when he went back in ... - Cached

The Humanist - a magazine of critical inquiry and social concern,  2009
“It's hard for Americans to be humble,” Mike Boehm reflects, while talking with me on ... Despite his own labors, Boehm says he's not as strong as the Vietnamese ... - Cached

Vietnam Veterans Against the War: THE VETERAN: Hope Rises ...  Fall, 2005
Vietnam veteran Mike Boehm has been working on behalf of the Madison Quakers to establish humanitarian projects in My Lai and elsewhere in Vietnam since ... - Cached


The Sound of the Violin in My Lai

"A Quiet War Over the Past" (Newsweek, November 24, 1997)

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