March 2013: An Opportunity to Connect and Celebrate

  Published on May 21, 2013

This seven minute film clip was produced by VTV3, considered by some Vietnamese to be the equivalent to 60 Minutes in its importance to the people of Vietnam. The film documents Vietnam veteran Mike Boehm as he works with his Vietnamese partner Phan Van Do to facilitate Madison Quakers, Inc. humanitarian projects in My Lai and elsewhere in Quang Ngai province, Vietnam.

Mike's Trip to Vietnam included these highlights:

• C O M P L E T I O N   O F   A    W A T E R    W E L L

Mike and Do visited Nghia Tho village where extensive drilling for a waterwell took place in 2012.  To date, thirty-five families are served by this new well; families that had never had clean water before.

Before a well was installed, this woman had to walk miles with her heavy water buckets.

• M I C R O L O A N S    F O R   E N T R E P R E N E U R I A L   W O M E N

Mike and Do visit Binh An village where MQI established a microloan fund many years ago. Their visit coincided with the beginning of a new loan cycle and they watched as local women received their loans from the Binh An Women’s Union.

• M Y L A I   P R I M A R Y    S C H O O L ' S     A R T   C O N T E S T  

The children of My Lai are always excited when MIke and Do arrive, as they anxiously await the art contest sponsored by MQI. Most of these children have not received any formal training in the visual arts, but they are adept at illustrating the important facets of their homes and communities.In addition to the art contest, some of the children performed a traditional dance.


A Short Background of our organization:
Beginning with the My Lai Loan Fund, established  January 10, 1994, Madison Quakers, Inc. has established a number of projects in My Lai and more than 20 other villages in Quang Ngai Province.

The objectives of these projects go beyond economic aid. These projects empower women, provide a more secure livelihood to impoverished families,, encourage community involvement, and increase the self-confidence of the people receiving assistance. Most importantly, these projects give people hope.

The Sound of the Violin
(english language version)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Read more about the history and production of this film.


Hope Rises from the ashes of My Lai

We have shown over the years that if we can sit down with humility and respect and a willingness to listen and learn from each other then anything is possible. If hope can rise from the ashes of My Lai it can arise anywhere.

-Mike Boehm,  MQI Project Coordinator