2019: Building Communities in Vietnam

What makes these Wisconsin-based projects in Vietnam unique is the collaboration with the people in the communities they serve. The objectives of these projects go beyond economic aid. These projects empower women, provide a more secure livelihood to impoverished families, encourage community involvement, and increase the self-confidence of the people receiving assistance. Most importantly, these projects give people hope. Beginning with the My Lai Loan Fund established in 1993, Madison Quakers, Inc. has initiated projects in over 30 villages, including: - micro-credit loans - building of 4 elementary schools - building new homes for families living in extreme poverty - drilling wells to bring water to villages We realize the Vietnamese people know their needs. All projects are initiated and proceed with collaboration by Vietnamese organizations, and are administered by the Vietnamese authorities with oversight by MQI Project Coordinators.



Women from Binh My village who received small business loans in 2019

Hope Rises from the ashes of My Lai

We have shown over the years that if we can sit down with humility and respect and a willingness to listen and learn from each other then anything is possible. If hope can rise from the ashes of My Lai it can arise anywhere.

-Mike Boehm,  MQI Project Coordinator