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Our Projects

For the past 30 years, this grassroots effort has lifted over 10,000 Vietnamese people out of poverty, provided children with an education, school supplies, water filtration systems for their schools and equipped communities with reliable water within their villages.

The ripple effect of these projects is huge, and these communities are stronger for it.

Beginning with the My Lai Loan Fund in 1993, our projects in more than 30 villages include:

  • Three 8-room primary schools for My Lai.

  • Hundreds of scholarships and bicycles for needy students.

  • More than 50 Compassion Houses.

  • Dozens of water wells drilled.

  • Wheelchairs for the disabled.

  • Water filtration systems in primary schools, many of these in mountainous ethnic villages.

  • Partnering with Vietnamese organizations, including the Women's Union, the Red Cross, and the Vietnamese Association for the victims of Agent Orange.

do and bikes2_23c.jpg


Buy a bike for a young student

For many students, a bicycle is the only way that they can get to school, and it also provides an opportunity to help their families and community.

For only $100 you can provide a young person with a reliable set of wheels.


A water well brings water
to an entire community

Hand dug wells dry up in the summer months. For decades many women have had to walk miles to the nearest mountain to find water to bring back to their homes.
With the success of drilling wells these communities now have reliable water year round. $2,200 funds a new water well.



Forage grinders provide an efficient solution for farmers

These machines are huge time-savers for farmers. The forage grinders are able to efficiently use agricultural by-products to create food for their livestock.
Your donation of $120 will provide the funds for one grinding machine. Each farmer receiving this machine will share with the neighbors.



Education is highly valued in Vietnam, and many families make it a top priority to get their children to school. Our scholarships help provide school supplies for many children in need. For only $50 per semester, you can provide the supplies needed for one hard-working student.



Water Filtration Systems

These water systems better the health of the students by providing clean water to wash with before eating as well as water that is safe to drink.

water filtration in Tho An village_fx.jpg

First photo:  Water filtration system in My Lai school

Second photo: Water filtration system in Tho An village


Micro-credit Loans

Low-interest loans lift women out of poverty into sustainable prosperity. Whether the loan is for raising cows or pigs to be sold to restaurants or loans to buy and sell fish, these loans help them leverage their hard work and frugality into benefits for their entire family.

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