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A Rare Partnership


Powerful Collaborations

Do has nurtured many collaborative relationships with organizations in Vietnam:

  • The Womens Union

  • Vietnamese Association for Victims of Agent Orange (VAVA)

  • Eduation authorities

  • Farmer's Union

Our success in Vietnam is based on the key collaboration of Mike Boehm and Phan Van Do.

Do's determination, focus on relationship-building and communication skills have brought success to this grassroots organization.

Beginning with the My Lai Loan Fund established in 1993, MQI has initiated projects in over 30 villages.
These projects focus on

  • empowering women with small business loans

  • bringing a reliable water source to rural villages

  • providing farmers with machinery

  • providing an education for children

  • water filtration systems which bring clean water to the schools, for drinking and personal hygiene

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